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India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has issued a call for an industry partner to collaborate on the design and development of a critical component for a new high-power laser weapon system.

The project centers on the development of an integrated beam control system, a crucial element for directing and focusing the laser’s energy precisely. The quality and performance of this system will directly impact the accuracy and effectiveness of the entire weapon.

To jumpstart the collaboration, DRDO will reportedly provide the selected partner with a preliminary design for the beam control system. This initial framework will guide the joint development process, leveraging the expertise of both DRDO and the chosen industry partner.

Directed-energy weapons, particularly high-power laser systems, are gaining significant traction worldwide. These systems offer several advantages over traditional weaponry, including:

  • Precision Targeting: Laser beams can be directed with extreme accuracy, minimizing collateral damage.
  • Reduced Cost per Shot: Compared to conventional missiles, laser weapons have lower operating costs.
  • Low Logistical Footprint: Laser systems require minimal ammunition, simplifying logistics.

DRDO’s initiative to develop a domestic beam control system aligns with India’s growing focus on self-reliance in defense technologies. Partnering with a qualified Indian industry player will not only expedite development but also strengthen the country’s indigenous defense capabilities.

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