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The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India has taken a significant step forward in missile technology by issuing an Expression of Interest (EOI) to develop a Laser Beam Rider Guidance System with an Eye-safe Laser Range Finder (LBRG System with ELRF). This pioneering system aims to provide precise line-of-sight laser guidance to missiles, enhancing their accuracy and effectiveness in various operational scenarios.

The Laser Beam Rider Guidance System offers a sophisticated approach to missile guidance, utilizing a spatially encoded laser beam to convey critical information necessary for the missile to determine its position relative to the beam and navigate towards the intended target. This innovative technology holds particular relevance for short-range air defence and anti-tank systems, where precision and agility are paramount.

One of the key advantages of the LBRG system lies in its resilience to environmental factors such as smoke, fog, rain, and dust. Unlike semi-active laser guidance systems, which may be compromised under adverse weather conditions, the LBRG system maintains its effectiveness, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging operational environments.

Moreover, the LBRG system operates with low laser output power, resulting in a compact design and increased resistance to countermeasures. This inherent resilience makes the system well-suited for deployment in dynamic combat scenarios, where rapid target acquisition and engagement are critical.

The core components of the LBRG system include an LBRG transmitter, an eye-safe laser range finder, an optical day sight, and a laser seeker module. These elements work in tandem to deliver precise guidance and targeting capabilities across a designated range of 500 meters to 5000 meters, catering to a diverse range of mission requirements.

By leveraging advanced laser technology and precision engineering, the LBRG system promises to enhance the operational effectiveness of India’s missile arsenal, enabling greater accuracy and lethality in defence operations. The system’s versatility and adaptability make it a valuable asset for both conventional and asymmetric warfare scenarios.

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