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CREDIT Varun Karthikeyan

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is taking a significant step forward in India’s indigenous missile development program by procuring propellant castings for Project KUSHA, also known as the Precision Guided Long Range Surface to Air Missile (PGLRSAM).

These propellant castings are specifically designed for the PGLRSAM missile’s dual-pulse rocket motor, designated P-1 and P-2. The dual-pulse motor provides efficient propulsion for the missile, enabling it to effectively engage aerial targets at long ranges.

According to reports, the selected firm will deliver the propellant castings within three months of receiving an order from DRDO. This swift procurement process paves the way for expedited development of the PGLRSAM missile.

The imminent trials of the PGLRSAM missile, expected later this year, are a testament to the dedication and expertise of Indian defense researchers. The successful development and deployment of this missile system will bolster India’s air defense capabilities and further solidify its self-reliance in the strategic missile sector.

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