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The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) recently issued a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI), DRDO has initiated the process of identifying and shortlisting potential Defense Collaborative Production Partners (DCPPs) for the development and production of Missile/Bomb weapon system projects under the Missile System and Subsystem (MSS) cluster.

The objective of this initiative is to forge strong partnerships with capable Indian companies to collaboratively bring to fruition the ambitious missile and bomb weapon system projects envisioned by DRDO.

The essence of this REOI lies in the identification and shortlisting of industry partners who can seamlessly integrate their technical prowess, adequate resources, management acumen, and infrastructure capabilities with the specialized expertise of DRDO. The selected partners will collaborate closely with DRDO in the development and production of advanced missile and bomb weapon systems that are crucial for the country’s defence preparedness.

To be eligible, Indian companies must demonstrate their technical proficiency, financial stability, systems integration capabilities, and integrated management approach. Moreover, the adherence to industrial licenses for the manufacture of defence goods and PESO licenses for handling and storing explosives underscores the seriousness of this endeavour. This ensures that the chosen industry partners have the necessary approvals and compliance measures in place, by the guidelines outlined in DAP 2020.

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