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Celebrating six decades of providing scientific advice to the Indian Air Force (IAF), the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) organized a seminar on Knowledge Management on June 7th, 2024.

The seminar was graced by Air Marshal Ashutosh Dixit, Deputy Chief of Air Staff. Air Marshal Dixit not only commended DRDO’s contributions to national security but also actively participated in discussions on capturing, sharing, and managing tacit knowledge within the defence sector.

Tacit knowledge refers to the unspoken, experiential knowledge that is often difficult to formalize and document. It includes things like skills, intuition, and know-how gained through experience. Effectively capturing and sharing tacit knowledge is crucial for ensuring its transfer across generations and maintaining a strong defence ecosystem.

This seminar highlights the importance of knowledge management within DRDO and the Indian defence establishment as a whole. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, DRDO can ensure that its expertise continues to be a valuable asset for the IAF for decades to come.