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India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is planning further tests of the SAAW-V2, an indigenously developed smart weapon. The SAAW-V2 is a 120 kg class, a high-precision weapon designed to engage ground targets at a range of up to 100 kilometres. According to a Ministry of Defence (MoD) statement released in New Delhi, the weapon successfully underwent two different configurations based on satellite navigation and electro-optical sensors in 2021.

This previous round of testing marked a significant milestone, as it included the country’s first-ever electro-optical seeker-based flight test for a bomb of this class. The electro-optic sensor itself is another testament to India’s growing Indigenous defence capabilities.

While details remain undisclosed, the upcoming tests are likely focused on evaluating further improvements to the SAAW-V2 system since the successful 2021 trials. This smart weapon system offers significant advantages in terms of precision and range, potentially enhancing the Indian Armed Forces’ offensive capabilities.

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