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DRDO Chief Samir V Kamat has revealed that the first squadron of the AMCA’s 5th generation, called MkI, will be powered by GE-supplied F-414 engines. However, a later squadron of upgraded AMCA called MkII will feature a new high-thrust weight class engine that will incorporate sixth-generation technology.

To develop this sixth-generation engine, DRDO plans to collaborate with a foreign OEM to reduce development risks and expedite the process, aiming to complete development within 10 years. Kamat stated that DRDO is in discussions with French Safran, British Rolls-Royce, and American GE for this partnership and intends to finalize a deal with one of these companies within the next six months.

The initial phase of the AMCA program, represented by the MkI variant, will be powered by GE-supplied F-414 engines that will be locally manufactured by HAL. A sixth-generation engine would provide the AMCA MkII with enhanced performance, range, and efficiency, making it a formidable force in the air superiority arena.

Kamat also added that 110kN Thrust is the just a benchmark as DRDO has plans to increase its thrust capabilities for other possible use in other program. Core of the New engine will have a dry thrust of 75kN which is similar to the AL-31F engine that has Dry thrust of 76kN so technically new engines will be able to generate over 130kN Class of thrust with afterburners for future platforms.

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