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The Chairman of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Dr. Sameer V Kamath, has categorically denied the existence of any Agni 6 missile program. Speaking at the inauguration of the DRDO Excellence Regional Center at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-BHU), Dr Kamath clarified that there is no official Agni 6 missile project, and the government of India has not sanctioned any such program.

Dr Kamath’s statement was in response to questions from the media regarding recent reports suggesting the development of an Agni 6 missile by DRDO. He emphasized that any news of the Agni 6 missile program is purely speculative and lacks official confirmation.

India’s longest-range missile currently in service is the Agni-V, which was successfully tested nearly a decade ago and has undergone multiple test launches. In a related development, DRDO made significant strides in its missile technology last year with the successful testing of the Mk2 variant of the Agni-V missile. This upgraded version featured a composite casing, reducing its weight by up to 10,000 tons compared to the older Agni-V. This weight reduction led to a 20% increase in its range, allowing it to target distances of up to 8,000 kilometres.

The notion of an Agni-VI missile gained attention when leaked conversations involving a DRDO scientist, Pradeep Kurulkar, emerged. In these conversations, Kurulkar claimed to have worked on the Agni-VI missile. However, Dr. Kamath’s statement clarifies that there is no official Agni 6 program at this time.

It’s essential to rely on official announcements and government authorizations when assessing the development of new defence technologies, as speculative reports can sometimes lack accuracy and context.

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