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Pakistan on Friday urged Indian leaders to stop dragging the country in their speeches for political mileage during the election season. Speaking at a press briefing here, Pakistan’s Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that Islamabad rejects all the claims made by Indian leaders over Jammu and Kashmir.

“Indian politicians to cease their reckless practice of dragging Pakistan into India’s populist public discourse for electoral motives,” she said.

“We are witnessing an alarming surge in provocative statements from Indian leaders asserting unwarranted claims on Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan rejects these claims. Fuelled by hyper-nationalism, this inflammatory rhetoric poses a grave threat to regional peace and susceptibility,” she said.

Zahra claimed that Indian claims were contrary to historical and legal facts.

“Historical and legal facts as well as ground realities refute India’s baseless claims over Jammu and Kashmir,” she said.

India has previously rejected such statements by Pakistan on the Kashmir issue

India’s Ministry of External Affairs has repeatedly asserted that “The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir and the Union Territory of Ladakh are and always will be integral and inalienable parts of India. No other country has locus standi to comment on the same”.