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A recent report by TV9 Bharatvarsh claiming the Indian Air Force (IAF) cancelled the MRFA (Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft) tender for 114 jets in favor of the locally-developed TEDBF (Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter) was an April Fool’s Day prank.

The prank originated from a YouTube channel that falsely claimed on X (formerly Twitter) that the IAF had scrapped the MRFA program, a multi-billion dollar deal to procure 114 fighter jets. The channel alleged the IAF would instead focus on the TEDBF, a naval fighter currently under development.

It’s important to clarify that the MRFA tender remains active. The IAF is currently evaluating proposals from various global aerospace companies for the 114 fighter jets. The TEDBF, designed for the Indian Navy, is not a contender in the MRFA program.

With the abundance of information online, it’s crucial to be critical of what you read or see, especially around April 1st. Here are some tips for staying informed:

  • Check the source: Verify the credibility of the news outlet or social media channel. Reputable sources like will clearly identify themselves and avoid misleading pranks.
  • Look for corroborating evidence: If a piece of news seems extraordinary, search for confirmation from other reliable sources.
  • Be cautious of sensational headlines: Outlandish claims often aim to grab attention and might not be based on facts.