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India’s quest for a potent indigenous weapon system takes a significant step forward as the Short Range-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Weaponised (SR-UAV-W), also known as the “Archer,” prepares for crucial missile evaluation trials in the coming weeks.

The Archer has demonstrably passed its initial hurdle, completing flight demonstrations. This paves the way for the upcoming trials that will assess its weaponization capabilities.

The core objective of the missile evaluation trials is to assess the Archer’s ability to launch and guide anti-tank missiles towards designated targets. These trials will utilize dummy targets to simulate real-world combat scenarios.

The success of these trials holds immense significance. If the Archer performs as intended, it could be inducted into the Indian Army and paramilitary forces. These forces have already expressed considerable interest in the capabilities this UAV offers.

The Archer’s development and potential induction mark a critical milestone for India’s domestic defense industry. A successful outcome would represent a significant advancement in indigenous weapon system development.

The upcoming missile evaluation trials of the Archer are a cause for optimism. They hold the potential to equip Indian forces with a powerful, domestically produced weapon system, further strengthening India’s defense capabilities.

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