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India’s Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited (AWEIL) has confidently entered the competition for the Indian Army’s Towed Gun System (TGS) program, claiming its upgraded Dhanush 155 mm/52 calibre towed howitzer surpasses all requirements and offers superior capabilities.

AWEIL officials also confirmed that the Gun has completed proof firing and Internal testing and is ready for User demonstrations. when asked if the company could be able to compete in price since the Dhanush 155mmX45 Calibre Gun had a price of 14.50 unit while Certain Israeli companies have quoted  11 crores for their 52 calibres towed howitzer gun under the Make in India initiative, officials said that they can’t comment on Per unit cost but it will be considerable lower since initial orders are for 400 units.  

The upgraded Dhanush integrates a unified sighting system for both day and night engagements, enhancing targeting capabilities. Boasting a 42 km firing range compared to the earlier 40 km version, Dhanush exceeds the minimum range requirement set by the Army.

Technical Specifications:

  • Barrel length: 8,060 mm
  • Barrel weight: 2,790 kg
  • Elevation range: -3° to +70°
  • Towing speed: 40+ km/h on metalled roads
  • Rate of fire:
    • Burst: 3 rounds in 30 seconds
    • Intense: 12 rounds in 3 minutes
    • Sustained: 42 rounds in 1 hour

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