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Dg Propulsion Private Limited (DPPL) has achieved a major breakthrough with the grant of their third patent, titled “A Hybrid System Comprising Integrated Micro-Gas Turbine and Fuel Cell.” This innovative technology represents a significant leap forward in power generation efficiency and environmental sustainability.

DPPL’s hybrid system merges two powerful technologies: micro-gas turbines and fuel cells. Micro-gas turbines, acting as miniature power plants, utilize fuel combustion to generate electricity. Fuel cells, similar to batteries, create electricity through a chemical reaction. By combining these technologies, DPPL’s system achieves exceptional efficiency in power generation.

But the benefits extend far beyond efficiency. The system boasts the capability to remove CO2 from exhaust gases, minimizing its environmental impact. Additionally, it allows for cogeneration, the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, maximizing energy utilization.

This patent signifies a significant milestone for DPPL, and the company expresses its deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this journey. The unwavering support, feedback, and encouragement have been instrumental in bringing this groundbreaking concept to life.

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