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According to recent reports in the Times of India, the Defence Ministry is expected to give the green light to a deal involving 30 American Predator drones with strike capabilities.

The Indian Navy is now considering acquiring 14 units, while the Army and Air Force are slated to procure 8 units each. This shift in unit allocation may lead to the abandonment of the earlier plan to reduce the order quantity to 18 units.

Initially, the Navy intended to acquire 30 units of the drones, with a proposed division of 10 units each among the three armed forces. However, both the Army and Air Force raised objections due to the higher costs involved. In response, the Navy agreed to reduce the order to 18 units, divided equally into 6 units for each service branch. However, the Americans insisted on the deal for 30 units for the transfer of technology (ToT) to take effect.

The Defence Ministry’s impending approval of the deal for 30 units underscores the recognition of the strategic significance of such advanced unmanned aerial systems in modern warfare. The Predator drones are renowned for their long-endurance capabilities, precise targeting, and ability to carry out strikes with missiles, making them valuable assets for India’s defence forces.

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