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MILAN 2024, the biennial multinational naval exercise hosted by India, has made a splash with its focus on underwater search and rescue capabilities. A key highlight has been the Indian Navy’s impressive demonstration of its Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV), showcasing India’s commitment to regional maritime safety and collaboration.

The DSRV, capable of operating at depths of up to 650 meters, represents a marvel of Indian engineering. This advanced system can be deployed to rescue personnel from disabled submarines, a critical capability in ensuring the safety of lives at sea.

The live demonstration of the DSRV at MILAN 2024 served as a powerful symbol of regional cooperation and shared responsibility for maritime safety. Friendly foreign navies participating in the exercise witnessed the DSRV’s capabilities firsthand, fostering understanding and trust in collaborative operations.

MILAN 2024 transcends mere technological showcases. It provides a platform for navies from across the Indo-Pacific to share best practices, develop interoperability, and build trust. This collaborative spirit is essential for effectively responding to maritime challenges, from natural disasters to humanitarian crises.

By highlighting advanced underwater search and rescue capabilities, MILAN 2024 sends a clear message: India is committed to playing a leading role in ensuring a safe and secure maritime environment for the region. This focus on collaboration paves the way for a future where navies work together seamlessly to safeguard lives and interests at sea.