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Defence experts looked divided on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s promise to scrap the Agnipath or ‘Agniveer’ scheme if the INDIA bloc is voted to power after the Lok Sabha elections, with some calling the scheme was forcefully ‘imposed’ and others suggesting modifications to it. Defence expert Major General GD Bakshi (R) told ANI, “I have some reservations personally about this scheme.

My suggestion is that instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, this scheme be appropriately tweaked after trials.” Wing Commander (Retd) Praful Bakshi said, “If some political leader is suggesting that they would reject it (Agniveer scheme), then it should be the voice of the public, saying it should be scrapped.

Then it will be seen.” “But in our opinion, there is no need to scrap it,” he added. PK Sehgal, another defence expert, said there are a lot of drawbacks to this scheme. “The scheme was forcefully imposed without any debate in parliament. There are a lot of drawbacks to this scheme and the government understands it. In reality, the government has given a handle to the opposition to use it, and Rahul Gandhi is using it,” he said.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Saturday spoke about promises made by the Congress in its manifesto, like scrapping the ‘Agniveer’ scheme. “(Prime Minister) Narendra Modi has implemented the ‘Agniveer’ scheme against the soldiers and Hindustan. This scheme is not being liked by any youth in Hindustan. As soon as our INDIA bloc government comes to power, we will throw this scheme out and finish it,” Rahul Gandhi said while addressing a public rally in Bihar’s Bhagalpur. “There is no need for this scheme. India does not need two types of martyrs. Hindustan needs only one type of martyr. Every soldier should get the rank of martyr.

Everyone should get the pension,” he added. The Agnipath scheme was announced by the Centre in June 2022. This model seeks to recruit soldiers for only four years, with a provision to retain 25 per cent of them in regular service. Those recruited under the scheme are called ‘Agniveers’