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Dassault Aviation is accelerating production of its Rafale fighter jet in response to a surge in global demand. The French aerospace company aims to manufacture 22 Rafales per year, significantly exceeding its previous target of 15 units. This ambitious plan comes after falling short of the target last year, producing only 13 jets.

To achieve this goal, Dassault is ramping up production, targeting a rollout of two Rafales per month. This increased output aims to not only meet the yearly target of 22 units but potentially even surpass it, reaching 24 jets by year-end.

The decision to ramp up production is driven by a substantial backlog of orders from various countries. The Rafale’s advanced capabilities and growing reputation in international conflicts have fueled its popularity, making it a sought-after fighter jet for numerous air forces.

However, it’s important to note that achieving this ambitious production target requires overcoming previous challenges. Dassault must ensure it has the necessary resources, including skilled personnel and a robust supply chain, to sustain the increased production rate. Additionally, potential unforeseen circumstances could impact the production timeline.