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French aerospace giant Dassault Aviation is taking its Rafale fighter jet program to new heights. The company is gearing up to increase production from two to three jets per month in response to a surge in global demand.

This news comes courtesy of Le Tribune, a French newspaper, which reported CEO Eric Trappier’s ambitious plans. Trappier highlighted the company’s significant turnaround, stating, “We are moving from less than one unit in 2020, which was critical, to three units. Currently, we are at two units.”

Dassault isn’t stopping at three jets per month. Trappier indicated that the company has the capacity to push production even further, potentially reaching four units monthly to fulfill the growing international interest.

This surge in demand is evident in the impressive order book Dassault has amassed. In 2024 alone, the company has secured contracts for 18 Rafale jets. This follows a banner year in 2023 with 60 orders, and a stellar performance in 2022 with a staggering 92 orders placed.

Adding to the excitement is the possibility of a major order from India. France reportedly anticipates a significant purchase from the Indian Navy, potentially including 26 Rafale M jets.

Dassault’s production ramp-up signifies not only the Rafale’s enduring popularity but also France’s robust aerospace industry. With its growing order book and potential for further production increases, Dassault Aviation appears poised to dominate the fighter jet market for years to come.