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An Indian conglomerate, Adani-Elbit Advanced Systems India Ltd (AEASI), finds itself at the center of a controversy concerning its alleged role in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Reports suggest that AEASI-produced Hermes 900 drones, capable of carrying and firing missiles, may have been deployed in the Palestinian territories during the recent clashes.

It’s important to note that neither the Israeli nor the Indian governments have confirmed the deployment of AEASI-manufactured drones in the conflict. The information stems from media reports based on unnamed sources, adding an element of uncertainty to the claims.

The story goes back to 2018 when Israel’s Elbit Systems, known for its UAV technology, formed a joint venture with the Adani Group to manufacture drones in India. This marked a significant development, as it was the first time such advanced technology was produced outside of Israel.

Official confirmation of the Hermes 900’s deployment in Gaza remains elusive, leaving the issue shrouded in uncertainty. Some of the Media-Eastern Media have taken up this report and has asked their Governments to intervene and prevent India sending Such Drones but this Drones are Israeli manufactured one and Indian Goverment cant Ban such exports where IPR is not with Indian Company for the drone said Indian Defence officials.