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Keshav Prasad, the esteemed Director of India Supply Chain at Collins Aerospace, is spearheading a monumental shift in the aerospace manufacturing landscape. With ambitious plans to commence the production of advanced aerostructures, interiors, and avionics in India, Collins Aerospace is set to mark its presence prominently from its upcoming manufacturing site near the Bengaluru airport.

This strategic move comes as part of a broader investment initiative, with the firm allocating a substantial $200 million towards bolstering research and development capabilities and enhancing production facilities within India. The decision not only underscores the company’s commitment to the Indian market but also signifies a significant step towards leveraging India’s skilled workforce and favorable business environment.

One of the key objectives behind this expansion is to capitalize on India’s burgeoning aerospace ecosystem and tap into the country’s immense potential as a manufacturing hub. By localizing production, Collins Aerospace aims to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance supply chain efficiency, thereby ensuring a competitive edge in the global aerospace market.

Moreover, this expansion holds promising prospects for the Indian economy, fostering job creation, skill development, and technology transfer. As Collins Aerospace ramps up its operations in India, it is poised to generate employment opportunities across various domains, ranging from engineering and manufacturing to research and development.

A pivotal aspect of Collins Aerospace’s growth strategy revolves around fostering partnerships with local suppliers and vendors. The company anticipates a substantial increase in sourcing from supplier partners in India, with projections indicating a threefold surge over the next 3-4 years. This not only augments the indigenous manufacturing ecosystem but also contributes to the development of a robust network of aerospace suppliers within the country.

The recent collaboration between Collins Aerospace and Air India further exemplifies the company’s commitment to strengthening its foothold in the Indian market. Air India’s selection of Collins Aerospace as the supplier for avionics hardware for its fleet of 140 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft underscores the trust and confidence placed in the company’s cutting-edge technology and impeccable track record.

The suite of avionics hardware supplied by Collins Aerospace for Air India’s MAX aircraft encompasses a comprehensive range of advanced solutions, including multi-mode receivers for satellite and ground-based navigation, radio altimeters, and MultiScan ThreatTrack weather radar systems. These state-of-the-art technologies not only enhance the operational efficiency and safety of the aircraft but also reinforce Collins Aerospace’s position as a leading provider of innovative aerospace solutions.

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