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Cochin Shipyard, one of India’s premier shipbuilding and maintenance facilities, is embarking on an ambitious Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) Pilot Project. This venture represents a significant step forward in the field of maritime technology, as Cochin Shipyard develops fully indigenous, IRS-class-approved scalable solutions catering to both commercial and defence use cases. With the vision of “Made in India & Made for the World,” this initiative highlights India’s commitment to technological innovation, self-reliance, and global competitiveness.

The ASV Pilot Project aims to develop cutting-edge autonomous vessels that can operate efficiently and effectively in various maritime scenarios. By leveraging advanced technologies and indigenous expertise, Cochin Shipyard is striving to create a scalable solution that meets international standards and addresses the diverse needs of both commercial and defence sectors.

The emphasis on indigenous development demonstrates Cochin Shipyard’s dedication to leveraging India’s technical capabilities and talent pool to create world-class maritime solutions. By nurturing a culture of innovation and investing in research and development, Cochin Shipyard aims to reduce dependence on foreign technology and establish itself as a leader in the global market.

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