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China is making notable progress in solidifying the presence of its JF-17 aircraft in Argentina, while India’s Tejas and the F-16 face obstacles in their market prospects. Against the backdrop of Argentina’s economic challenges, the country is increasingly exploring cost-effective options, which China eagerly offers, including the potential for exporting a dozen JF-17s and enabling local production rights.

Previously, the Danish F-16 MLU appeared to be leading the competition among the JF-17, Tejas, and itself for Argentina’s consideration. However, recent reports suggest that the Danish offer might be withdrawn, potentially paving the way for Ukraine to receive F-16s from the Western Block as military aid in their confrontation with Russia.

China has presented an assertive proposition, highlighting proven features such as ejection seats that can replace the current UK-manufactured Martin Baker ejection seats deployed on the JF-17. In contrast, India has offered to replace British-origin Line-Replaceable Units (LRUs), ejection seats, and aerial refuelling (AAR) probes with indigenous alternatives. However, India is yet to demonstrate the viability of its replacements, and the time required for such conversions may impact the attractiveness of its offer.

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