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In a move likely to inflame tensions, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the renaming of 30 locations along the disputed border with India, according to the South China Morning Post.

These “standardized” names apply to areas within Arunachal Pradesh, a state which China refers to as “Zangnan” and claims as part of its Tibetan autonomous region. India has consistently rejected China’s claims over Arunachal Pradesh, considering it an integral part of its territory. This latest move by China is seen as an attempt to bolster its territorial claims through name standardization.

The renamed locations reportedly include residential areas, mountains, rivers, and a lake. The details were published in Chinese characters, Tibetan script, and pinyin, the Romanization system for Mandarin Chinese.

This action comes after a previous incident in December 2021, where China had renamed 15 locations in Arunachal Pradesh. India’s Ministry of External Affairs has dismissed these renaming attempts as “invented” and a reflection of China’s “inconsistent” position.

The move is bound to exacerbate tensions between the two Asian giants, who have a history of border disputes. It remains to be seen how India will respond to this latest move. The renaming is likely to be seen as an attempt by China to bolster its territorial claims and could further strain relations between the two countries.