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China’s military modernization continues at a rapid pace, with a focus on its next-generation J-20 fighter jet. Reports suggest China aims to have a staggering 1,000 J-20s operational by 2035, signifying a significant expansion of its airpower.

This ambitious goal is backed by a major leap in production capacity. China has reportedly transitioned from building 40-50 J-20s annually to a much faster rate of around 120 per year. This surge is attributed to a new, cutting-edge production method: the ‘pulsating production line.’

This innovative approach utilizes advanced automation and mechanization. Imagine an assembly line on steroids. Adjustable platforms precisely position different parts of the J-20 airframe, including cockpits, landing gear, and tails, significantly streamlining the process.

The increased production translates into a potential replacement of older fighter jets with the J-20. This shift will equip the Chinese air force with a more modern and technologically advanced fleet, potentially altering the regional balance of power.

While the exact capabilities of the J-20 remain classified, it’s believed to be a fifth-generation stealth fighter, comparable to the American F-22 Raptor. With China’s focus on mass production, the J-20 program is undoubtedly a development to be closely monitored.