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A China-manufactured drone and a huge quantity of drugs were intercepted by the Border Security Force (BSF) and Punjab Police near border villages along the international border, Khalsa Vox reported. The first incident unfolded near Chann Kalan village in the Amritsar sector when BSF personnel intercepted the movement of a suspicious drone on February 10.

The BSF’s Quick Response Team (QRT) tracked the drone’s movement and subsequently discovered it in a partially damaged condition in an agricultural field near the village. The drone was identified as a Quadcopter model DJI Mavic 3 Classic, manufactured in China, and was believed to have been used for clandestine operations.

The recovery underscores the ongoing challenges faced by security forces in curbing illicit activities across the border, Khalsa Vox reported.

In another development on the same day, the vigilance of a resident in Daoke village led to the seizure of a packet containing 520 grams of heroin. Acting on the tip-off, the local police conducted a search operation in the fields behind a house, uncovering the illicit substance.

A case under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act was registered against unidentified individuals, reflecting the persistent efforts to combat drug trafficking in the region.

Furthermore, in a separate incident in the Gurdaspur Sector, BSF personnel thwarted a potential threat by shooting down a China-made drone near Rosary village along the International Border.

The vigilant actions of the BSF personnel averted a possible breach of security, highlighting the critical role played by constant surveillance and rapid response mechanisms in safeguarding the border.

These incidents serve as stark reminders of the complex challenges faced by security forces in border regions, where smuggling activities and attempts to breach security remain persistent threats. The successful interception of the drone and heroin packet underscores the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between the BSF and local law enforcement agencies in maintaining vigilance and ensuring the safety and security of border areas, Khalsa Vox reported.