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IMAGE CREDIT Jaidev Jamwal @JaidevJamwal

A new air base is reportedly under construction in Sichuan province, China, located approximately 350 kilometers from the border with India. The remote location, coupled with its proximity to a key transportation artery, has sparked speculation about its intended purpose.

The base, whose details remain scarce, is believed to be situated away from major population centers. This characteristic suggests a focus on military functionality rather than civilian air traffic. Experts believe it could serve as a crucial logistics hub, supporting Chinese military operations along Highway S217.

Highway S217 acts as a vital artery, eventually merging with the G318 National Highway, a major route leading towards the Indian border. An air base strategically placed near this network could significantly bolster China’s ability to transport troops and supplies to the border region.

While the exact runway length remains unknown, speculations suggest it could be in excess of 3,000 meters. Runways of this size are capable of accommodating a wide range of military aircraft, including fighter jets and transport planes.

The construction of this new air base comes amidst ongoing tensions between China and India along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), a disputed border territory. India has also been actively developing its own border infrastructure in recent years.