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Chennai-based Big Bang Boom Solutions Pvt Ltd (BBBS) has secured a major win, landing one of the largest contracts ever awarded to an Indian startup. The company will be supplying its cutting-edge anti-drone systems to the Indian Air Force and Army for a staggering sum exceeding ?200 crore.

The winning system, named Vajra Sentinel, employs a two-pronged approach to combat drone threats. It offers:

  • Soft Kill Technology: This utilizes jamming techniques to disrupt the drone’s control signal, effectively grounding it.
  • Hard Kill Technology: For more persistent threats, Vajra Sentinel can deploy interceptor drones to neutralize them.

The system’s operational range extends up to 10 kilometers, with hard kill capabilities engaging at a distance of 5-6 kilometers. Dr. Sivaraman, a representative from BBBS, highlights the system’s effectiveness against swarm drone attacks, a growing concern in modern warfare.

Vajra Sentinel leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision algorithms within its core sensor system. This enables the system to precisely identify, classify, and locate incoming drones, ensuring swift and targeted countermeasures.

The system boasts a sophisticated decision-making matrix that autonomously determines the most appropriate response to a drone threat, be it jamming or other countermeasures. Additionally, BBBS emphasizes the use of passive Radio Frequency (RF) sensor technology, minimizing false alarms. The entire sensor and jammer combination adheres to stringent military standards, guaranteeing durability and reliability in harsh operating environments.

Vajra Sentinel is built with scalability in mind. The system can be upgraded on demand with advanced technologies like Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar and kamikaze drones, ensuring it remains effective against evolving drone threats.

This landmark contract signifies a significant achievement for both BBBS and India’s growing defense startup ecosystem. The deployment of Vajra Sentinel will bolster India’s air defense capabilities and equip its armed forces with a powerful countermeasure against drone threats.