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IMAGE CREDIT Damien Symon@detresfa_

India’s strategic Chabua airbase, a vital installation for the Indian Air Force (IAF) under the Eastern Command, is undergoing a significant modernization program. Recent satellite imagery reveals the extensive renovations underway, showcasing the scale and progress achieved at the site.

These upgrades represent a multi-pronged approach to enhancing the airbase’s capabilities that includes Construction of new underground munition storage facilities signifies an increase in the airbase’s capacity to house weaponry. This bolsters the IAF’s firepower and preparedness in the region.

Base also gets hardened shelters for aircraft provides crucial protection against potential enemy attacks. This ensures the survivability of the IAF’s fighter jets and attack helicopters stationed at Chabua. The renovation of taxiways and the upgradation of navigational aids to streamline operations and improve efficiency of the Pilots for better navigation systems, leading to smoother takeoffs and landings has been carried out.

Chabua airbase now also gets installation of new radars strengthens the airbase’s ability to detect and track aerial threats in the region. This enhanced situational awareness is crucial for safeguarding India’s eastern borders.

Chabua’s proximity to the Sino-Indian border makes it a critical airbase for the IAF. The ongoing renovations demonstrate India’s commitment to strengthening its air defense capabilities in the eastern sector. This project is likely to be a deterrent against potential security threats and ensures a swift response to any aerial contingencies.