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Centum Electronics, a leading Indian company engaged in electronic system design and manufacturing, has secured a significant contract from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The contract, valued at Rs 187 crore, is for the realization of space-based electronic warfare (EW) payloads within a 16-month timeframe.

This development marks a notable achievement for Centum Electronics, showcasing its expertise in the design and manufacturing of high-end electronic modules, subsystems, and systems for the aerospace, defense, and industrial electronics sectors. The company’s successful bid highlights its growing capabilities in catering to the evolving needs of India’s defense and space programs.

The nature of the contract, involving space-based electronic warfare payloads, indicates DRDO’s focus on bolstering India’s electronic warfare capabilities in the space domain. These payloads are likely intended to enhance the nation’s ability to detect, disrupt, and deceive enemy electronic communication and radar systems in the space environment, potentially providing a strategic advantage in modern warfare scenarios.

While the specific details of the payloads remain undisclosed, this collaboration between Centum Electronics and DRDO signifies a positive step towards self-reliance in critical defense technologies for India. The successful execution of this project is expected to contribute to the nation’s growing prowess in space-based defense applications.