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OMCA Kiran

DR D.K Sunil (Director Engg-RD ) HAL has confirmed that Optionally-manned combat aircraft(OMCA) that is part of the Combat Air Teaming System (CATS) to be based on the modified Kiran Mk2 Stage-II Trainer aircraft will have its first flight in an unmanned configuration without pilot inputs later this year.

OMCA Kiran will demonstrate auto take-off and auto-landing of the systems without any remote pilot inputs as modified Kiran is presently flying with remote pilot inputs.

OMCA program further will be used to develop and convert retired Mig-21 and Mig-27 into Optionally-manned combat aircraft platforms to be used as a decoy system to draw out air defence positions of the enemies with the secondary profile mission to carry out airstrikes in contested airspace.

HAL has plans to develop both AMCA and TEDBF as Optionally-manned combat aircraft but with a much improved Electronic Pilot backed by Artificial intelligence (AI) in future variants.

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