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In a startling revelation, Canadian-based media outlet Media Bezirgan has reported that Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a slain Khalistani activist, had significant ties with Jagmeet Singh and the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada. Nijjar, who was assassinated by gangsters in Surrey, BC, was a prominent figure, serving as the president of the temple where he was killed. His controversial past, including his arrival in Canada on a forged passport and being on a Canadian no-fly list, has added fuel to an already intense political firestorm.

According to Elections Canada records, a Hardeep Nijjar with the postal code V3W 0J4 made donations to the NDP and Jagmeet Singh in 2017. This postal code is linked to Nijjar Plumbing & Heating Ltd, Nijjar’s plumbing company. Further verification from LinkedIn records indicates that his son, Mehtab Nijjar, works at this company, solidifying the connection.

The assassination has exacerbated tensions between Canada and India, especially after the Canadian government accused India of being involved in Nijjar’s murder. This claim has stirred diplomatic unrest, with both nations now navigating a precarious relationship.

Bob Rai, a former Sikh who grew up in Surrey, had previously predicted Nijjar’s assassination, attributing it to gang violence. Rai viewed Nijjar as a gangster and foresaw the fatal outcome. His prediction, now a grim reality, has prompted Canadian authorities to explore potential links between the gangsters involved in the murder and the Indian government.

As Canada continues its investigation, the ramifications of this complex and controversial case are expected to resonate both domestically and internationally, potentially altering the geopolitical landscape.