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On April 7, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) will inaugurate the new LCA-Tejas Assembly complex at the Aircraft Division, Nasik, which will expand the country’s LCA-Tejas production capabilities that can be further enhanced if required to meet the demands of exports orders. has been informed that HAL from its two Bangalore production facilities will be able to manufacture 16 jets annually and an additional 5 from the Nasik Plant, which can be increased by 10 units annually if export orders for Argentina or Egypt are closed.

Indian Air Force (IAF) is also looking to place additional orders for 50-60 units that will be manufactured in Nasik if the deal is concluded by end of 2024. HAL has already lost a contract in Malaysia to Korean FA-50 Light Attack jets, and Egypt may also turn to FA-50 with a local manufacturing license.

HAL has limited chances in Argentina where China has been trying to make inroads with the sale of Chinese JF-17 fighter jets in the South American Market that has seen a strong reaction from the U.S.

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