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Lieutenant General N.S. Raja Subramani, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GOC-in-C) of Surya Command, recently visited the Shatrujeet Brigade and Agra Military Station. The visit focused on assessing the Brigade’s operational preparedness and showcasing the Indian Army’s adoption of advanced technologies.

Lt. Gen. Subramani reviewed the Shatrujeet Brigade’s combat capabilities and evaluated their ability to respond to various operational scenarios. The visit also highlighted the integration of next-generation technologies into the Brigade’s operations.

Among the showcased technologies were Robotic Mules, designed to ease soldier load during deployments, and Logistic Drones for streamlined supply transportation.

Netizens were particularly interested in the British made Pholo, a precision strike Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).The Pholos represents a new generation of weapons systems. Its low acoustic signature, thanks to larger counter-rotating propellers, makes it difficult to detect. Built for portability and ease of use, the Pholos disassembles into three parts for easy transport.

The Pholos’ custom flight control system allows for direct operator control, ensuring mission completion even without GPS. Many of its systems are open-architecture, facilitating rapid reconfiguration and mission-specific programming.

This lightweight (under 6.5kg) and portable drone system offers several advantages:

  • Concealed Tactical Operations: Pholos facilitates covert operations with minimal operator workload.
  • Beyond-Line-of-Sight Targeting: Unlike conventional UAS, Pholo allows operators to engage targets without a direct line of sight, enhancing strike capabilities.
  • Mesh Networking for Extended Range: Multiple Pholos units can connect via a mesh network, extending operational range and system control beyond the limitations of a single radio link.
  • Low Acoustic Signature: Larger, slower-turning propellers minimize noise emissions, providing a significant tactical advantage.
  • Modular Design for Easy Transport: The Pholos system disassembles into three parts for effortless transport and rapid deployment.
  • Customizable Flight Control and Open Architecture: The Pholos features a user-friendly flight control system for manual operation when GPS is unavailable. Additionally, its open-architecture design enables swift reconfiguration and mission-specific programming.