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Mir Junaid, a political leader from Srinagar, delivered a powerful message of global unity during his address at the BRICS Forum held in Grozny, Russia. Junaid’s statement unequivocally rejected all forms of cross-border terrorism, violence, external aggression, and discord, advocating instead for a larger vision of peace and prosperity.

The BRICS meeting saw the attendance of numerous global leaders, diplomats, government officials, and cultural influencers. As the president of the Jammu Kashmir Workers Party, Junaid emphasized the strength of diversity and syncretic cultures in overcoming adversity. In his address, Junaid remarked, “I am the son of India, a precious gem in its diverse mosaic.

For centuries, this region has been a melting pot of diverse religions, ethnicities, and cultures coexisting peacefully. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Buddhists have not only shared neighbourhoods but also celebrated each other’s festivals and mourned each other’s losses. This is the sacred culture of Kashmir, where mosques and temples often stand side by side, echoing a harmonious symphony.” “India is a nation rich in cultures, religions, and languages, akin to a family with abundant variety, and Kashmir is undeniably an integral and cherished part of it, boasting a rich history and peaceful coexistence,” Junaid added.

Commending the leadership of both India and Russia, Junaid lauded the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Vladimir Putin, and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov in fostering inclusivity and unity within their respective territories. Drawing parallels between the resilience of Kashmir and Chechnya, he emphasized that peace is not just an aspiration but a tangible outcome of determination and national loyalty.

Addressing the challenges posed by external aggression and cross-border terrorism, Junaid criticized neighboring countries’ actions that have sought to destabilize Kashmir’s fabric of tolerance. He called upon the international community to take a firm stance against entities propagating violence, terrorism, and discord, which undermine regional and global stability. Mir Junaid said, “As we convene in this forum dedicated to international cooperation and development, we must glean insights from the experiences of Kashmir and Chechnya,” stated Mir Junaid.

“It is imperative for global platforms like BRICS to recognize and support societies defending their cohesion against divisive external forces.” Junaid called for an international commitment to cultural diplomacy as a strategic tool against intolerance and extremism, urging attendees to harness the collective power of diverse cultures to forge a more peaceful and prosperous world. “In the richness of diversity lies the strength of nations,” he asserted. “We must cherish, protect, and celebrate this diversity, not merely as heritage but as the very foundation of our global future,” he concluded.