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Brazil’s foray into the realm of nuclear-powered attack submarines has garnered global attention, and the recent developments in its naval sector have stirred interest in India’s cutting-edge BrahMos-NG cruise missile.

The Brazilian state-owned naval company ICN (Itaguaí Construções Navais) has embarked on a monumental journey with the construction of Álvaro Alberto, Brazil’s first nuclear-powered attack submarine. This vessel, weighing 6,000 tons, draws inspiration from the French Scorpène class, a lineage known for its advanced capabilities. Set to be ready for induction by the turn of this decade, the Álvaro Alberto is poised to usher in a new era of naval warfare for Brazil.

One of the standout features of Álvaro Alberto is its arsenal of torpedo-launched cruise missiles, a capability that has piqued the interest of naval enthusiasts and strategic thinkers alike. In this context, India’s BrahMos Aerospace enters the spotlight. BrahMos Aerospace, a collaborative venture between India and Russia, has been at the forefront of supersonic cruise missile technology. The upcoming BrahMos-NG (Next-Generation) Cruise Missile has garnered attention due to its remarkable capabilities and compatibility.

The BrahMos-NG cruise missile, designed to reach Mach 3.5 speeds, holds the potential to neutralize targets at a range of 290 kilometres. The integration of this missile into various platforms is an aspect that aligns with Brazil’s pursuit of advanced naval capabilities. Of particular interest to both nations is the potential integration of BrahMos-NG with Brazil’s nuclear-powered attack submarine Álvaro Alberto.

BrahMos Aerospace’s innovative approach includes the development of a versatile 1.3-ton BrahMos-NG that can be air-launched from any fighter jet without the need for modifications. This adaptability aligns with Brazil’s pursuit of cutting-edge naval capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated into various defence platforms. Even the indigenous LCA-Tejas fighter jet can potentially carry two BrahMos-NG missiles, significantly augmenting its combat prowess.

Furthermore, BrahMos Aerospace’s commitment to diversification is evident in its development of a torpedo tube-launched version of BrahMos-NG. This variant has the potential to equip Indian Kalvari-class submarines, as well as the nuclear attack submarines that Brazil is developing.

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