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The relationship between Brazil and India is poised to reach new heights with the upcoming inaugural Brazil-India defence dialogue for industrial and strategic collaboration, as announced by Brazilian Ambassador to India, Kenneth Haczynski Da Nobrega. Set to take place in New Delhi, this dialogue underscores the growing partnership between the two nations in the realm of defense and industrial cooperation.

Ambassador Nobrega highlighted the significance of this dialogue by stating that the Brazilian delegation, led by a vice minister of defense, is keen to explore avenues for collaboration that extend beyond traditional diplomatic ties. He emphasized Brazil’s interest in exploring opportunities for industrial collaboration, with specific reference to Embraer, a leading Brazilian aerospace company.

Of particular interest is Embraer’s potential involvement in the manufacturing of C390 Millennium aircraft within India, contingent upon the procurement process with the Indian Air Force (IAF). This move reflects Brazil’s commitment to deepening its presence in India’s defense manufacturing sector and leveraging its expertise to contribute to India’s defense capabilities.

The ambassador’s remarks shed light on the proactive approach of Brazilian companies in seeking opportunities within the Indian market. Beyond Embraer, he mentioned that numerous Brazilian companies are exploring avenues for establishing themselves in India, citing Brazil’s robust industrial defense base as a foundation for collaboration.

Moreover, Ambassador Nobrega expressed the intention to identify and pursue further opportunities across different Indian states, indicating a comprehensive approach to bilateral cooperation that transcends geographical boundaries.