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For two decades, the BrahMos missile system reigned supreme as the world’s only operational supersonic anti-ship missile. This dominance in a market largely saturated with subsonic options gave BrahMos a significant edge. However, the tide seems to be turning, with several countries entering the supersonic anti-ship missile race, threatening to dethrone BrahMos if it fails to adapt.

The landscape of the anti-ship missile market is undergoing a significant shift. Several countries are now developing their supersonic contenders, threatening to erode BrahMos’ market edge.

A collaborative effort between Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace (Norway) and German firms MBDA Deutschland and Diehl Defence aims to develop the 3SM Tyrfing, a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile.

South Korea also plans to develop Air to Ship Guided Missile 2 boasts a Mach 2.5 speed and a 300 km range, expected to see its first test flight in 2025.

Japan is working on the ASM-3A, a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile with a projected Mach 3 speed and a 400 km range, slated for deployment by 2025.

France, already possessing a nuclear supersonic cruise missile, is collaborating with the UK on a project encompassing both subsonic and supersonic anti-ship missiles, expected to be operational by 2030.

With this surge in supersonic anti-ship missile development, the pressure is on BrahMos to maintain its competitive edge in the export market. Experts believe that if DRDO (India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation) fails to introduce a more advanced variant of BrahMos by 2027, it risks losing its unique position.

This evolving landscape signifies a growing focus on faster and more potent anti-ship missiles. Countries are recognizing the need for high-speed missiles to counter advancements in defence systems and ensure successful penetration of enemy defences. The coming years will be crucial in determining which nations emerge as leaders in this rapidly developing domain.

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