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BrahMos Corporation after bagging orders from Philipines has scaled up its plans to develop and manufacture BrahMos-NG (Next-Generation) Cruise missile that will begin testing from 2024 onwards and is based on the tech that has been developed for its bigger sibling. has been told that BrahMos-NG is getting a lot of attention due to its small size and supersonic punch due to which many countries have shown not only interest but also are keen to have talks to procure them when it is ready for export.

BrahMos-NG, An Air Launched SuperSonic Mach 3 capable Cruise missile with a range of 290km that can’t be defeated by Modern Air Defence systems and that can be launched from any aircraft type with minimal changes to the launch platform is one of the big ticket items that BrahMos Corporation believes will be an instant export success due to which BrahMos is investing in a new production plant in Uttar Pradesh. has been told that BrahMos-NG alone can drive India’s Export plans and contribute as much as 60-70% of the target that has been set by the Ministry of Defence as a whole. BrahMos Corporation has planned a new production line in such a way that it will have an output of its peak from the very start so that it can cater to both Internal and Export requirements.

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