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India is gearing up to deliver the first batch of BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles to the Philippines by the end of March. This shipment marks a significant milestone in the growing defense partnership between the two nations.

The delivery, originally planned for late 2023, was postponed at the Philippines’ request. This delay allowed for the completion of a new base specifically designed to house the BrahMos missile batteries. The BrahMos Corporation, a joint Indo-Russian venture, will be responsible for sending both the ground equipment and the missiles themselves.

The Philippines holds the distinction of being the first ever export customer for the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. This weapon system, boasting high maneuverability and speed, is expected to significantly bolster the Philippines’ maritime defense capabilities.

The BrahMos acquisition by the Philippines is viewed as a positive development for regional security. It demonstrates India’s growing role as a defense exporter and its commitment to regional partnerships in the Indo-Pacific.

The arrival of the BrahMos missiles in the Philippines signifies a new chapter in the bilateral defense relationship between the two countries. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration evolves and contributes to a more secure maritime environment in the region.

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