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BrahMos Aerospace chief Atul Dinkar Rane said that the company has achieved 75 per cent indigenous capability of the missile system that went into production in 2004 with only 13% Indigenous systems.

BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd since is a joint venture will still be dependent on Russia for the supply of 25% of the systems for the BrahMos missile system which will remain the same till it is under production for the Indian Armed forces.

Rane also confirmed that the overhaul cost of the BrahMos missile has come down drastically over the years but it is not clear what is the unit cost of the missile systems since the missile has to be procured with launchers and other support systems making it harder to calculate the unit cost of the missile.

BrahMos Aerospace Corporation said it would develop hypersonic missiles within eight years if required by the country and Russia also has shown its willingness for such a joint venture that is likely to have the same characteristics as Russia’s Zircon Hypersonic cruise missile.

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