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Indian defense giant BrahMos Aerospace is making waves at the Singapore Airshow, exploring potential partnerships and export opportunities for its renowned supersonic cruise missiles in Southeast Asia.

Praveen Pathak, Director for Market Promotion and Exports at BrahMos, revealed ongoing discussions with several Southeast Asian countries regarding potential missile supply. He expressed optimism that the Airshow presence will pave the way for “fruitful opportunities” in the region.

BrahMos views participation in the Singapore Airshow as strategically crucial. The event’s location in the heart of Southeast Asia, a market experiencing post-pandemic economic vibrancy, presents prime opportunities for expansion.

Pathak highlighted BrahMos’ proven track record, citing successful deliveries to the Indian armed forces and an ongoing contract with the Philippines marines. This credibility serves as a strong foundation for further international engagements.

Following the Singapore Airshow, BrahMos aims to leverage its participation to secure lucrative contracts in Southeast Asia. The region’s strategic importance and growing defense budgets make it a fertile ground for BrahMos’ expansion plans.

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