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BrahMos Aerospace, a joint Indo-Russian venture, is set to achieve a significant milestone in its quest for self-reliance. The company plans to indigenously manufacture the ramjet engine that powers the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. This move comes as BrahMos production is slated to continue until 2032, and the company seeks to reduce its dependence on Russia for critical components.

BrahMos has already made significant strides towards self-sufficiency. They have successfully developed a local solid propellant booster engine and even produce indigenous fuel for the missile. However, the ramjet engine, a vital part of the BrahMos’ impressive speed and range, is currently sourced from Russia.

This dependence poses a potential challenge for export opportunities. Countries interested in acquiring the BrahMos system might be wary of relying on a weapon that depends on another nation for a key component. To address this concern and further streamline production, BrahMos is in talks with its Russian partners to develop and manufacture the ramjet engine within India.

Indigenizing the ramjet engine would be a major accomplishment for BrahMos and India’s defense sector. It would not only enhance self-reliance and security but also open doors for wider export prospects.