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Atul Dinkar Rane, the CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace, recently stated in a media interaction that the Chinese Russian S-400 air defence system deployed near the Indian border areas would not be able to intercept the BrahMos cruise missile.

The BrahMos missile, a supersonic cruise missile, is fundamentally different from a ballistic missile. Rane emphasized that the S-400 air defence system is primarily designed and fine-tuned to counter ballistic missiles, which follow a different trajectory and have distinct characteristics. Due to the BrahMos missile’s exceptional speed and agility, it is difficult for any surface-to-air missile, including the S-400 system, to intercept it effectively.

Rane highlighted that the BrahMos missile holds a significant position in the arsenal of armed forces as the only supersonic cruise missile in their triad. When initially introduced, there were no viable defence systems capable of countering its capabilities. While there have been advancements in anti-missile systems in recent times, Rane expressed confidence that they have not significantly affected the operational effectiveness of the BrahMos missile.

The BrahMos missile, jointly developed by India and Russia, has gained a reputation as a highly versatile and potent weapon system. It possesses remarkable speed, precision, and a wide range of capabilities, making it a formidable asset for the armed forces. Its ability to strike targets with remarkable accuracy and low reaction time provides a distinct advantage in various operational scenarios.

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