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The Border Security Force (BSF) of India is reportedly considering acquiring at least two C-295M transport aircraft, subject to approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs, according to information provided to

The BSF currently operates a fleet of over 20 helicopters for transportation and other missions. They also have a single Embraer 135 BJ business jet, likely used for VIP transport. However, a Beechcraft Super King Air aircraft was unfortunately lost in a crash in 2015.

The addition of the C-295M would address the limitations of the BSF’s existing air transport options. The force also operates a single Embraer 135 BJ business jet, but its capacity is likely insufficient for larger deployments. Furthermore, the BSF tragically lost a Beechcraft Super King Air in a crash in 2015, highlighting the need for fleet modernization.

The BSF’s interest in the C-295M aligns with a broader trend of Indian defence forces adopting this versatile aircraft. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has already placed a large order for 65 C-295Ms to be manufactured locally in a joint venture between Tata Advanced Systems and Airbus. The Indian Navy and Coast Guard have also recently chosen to procure 15 C-295Ms in a maritime configuration for their specific requirements.

The C-295M’s ability to transport troops and cargo over significant distances makes it a suitable choice for the BSF’s diverse deployment needs. While awaiting official approval, the BSF’s intent to acquire these aircraft signifies a positive step towards enhancing its mobility and operational effectiveness.

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