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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) has taken a significant step towards enhancing the capabilities of its armoured fleet by signing a contract with AVNL for the upgrade of 693 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles. 

The upgraded BMP-2M variant will feature state-of-the-art armament systems, including an integrated Fire Control System (FCS) and third-generation sighting systems for both the gunner and commander positions.

Key Features of the BMP-2M Upgrade:

  1. Armament Upgrade with Integrated FCS: The BMP-2M will be equipped with an advanced armament system featuring an integrated Fire Control System for precise targeting and engagement of enemy threats.
  2. Third Generation Sighting System: Enhanced sighting systems for both the gunner and commander positions will ensure improved target acquisition and engagement capabilities.
  3. Multi-Functional Display: The addition of multi-functional displays for the gunner and commander will provide real-time situational awareness and facilitate efficient command and control.
  4. Override Facility for Commander: The commander will have the capability to override certain functions to maintain operational control in dynamic combat situations.
  5. Avec Target Tracking: Advanced target tracking capabilities will enable the BMP-2M to effectively engage moving targets with precision.
  6. Loiter Munition System: The inclusion of a loiter munition system will provide the BMP-2M with the capability for precise, independent strikes from any direction and angle.

Operational Advantages of the Upgraded BMP-2M:

  • Independence and Flexibility: The upgraded BMP-2M will provide online forces with operational independence and flexibility across various operational environments, including urban terrain.
  • Minimal Collateral Damage: With highly efficient operational capabilities, the BMP-2M will minimize collateral damage during engagements, ensuring the safety of friendly forces and civilians.
  • Enhanced ISR and Precise Fire Capabilities: The inclusion of enhanced Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and precise fire systems will enable the BMP-2M to effectively engage enemy targets with accuracy and reliability.
  • Multi-Mission Capability: The upgraded BMP-2M will serve as a multi-mission platform, capable of executing a wide range of tasks with precision and reliability.

The MoD’s decision to upgrade the BMP-2 fleet underscores its commitment to modernizing the armed forces and equipping them with cutting-edge capabilities to meet evolving security challenges. The upgraded BMP-2M variant, equipped with advanced armament systems and operational features, will play a crucial role in enhancing the combat effectiveness of Indian forces on the battlefield.

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