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Emphasising US President Joe Biden’s assertion regarding the significance of India-US partnership, US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti said that the relationship between the two countries is consequential not only for New Delhi and Washington but for the whole world.

The US envoy said that both India and the US are defending democracies domestically and internationally. On being asked about Biden’s statement that the India-US partnership is most consequential in the world, in an interview with ANI, Garcetti said, “He has said that privately. He told that to me. He said, Eric, you know, this is the most important country in the world to me when he was asking me to become ambassador. Now, I love Joe Biden. We’re dear, deep friends for many, many years. I figured, oh, it’s just Joe Biden. He says this to every ambassador. France is the most important country. Mexico is the most important country. But he wasn’t lying. He meant it because I heard him say it directly in the Oval Office to the Prime Minister, this is the most consequential relationship.”

“The reality is that Indians love Americans. The reality is Americans love Indians. The bridge has never been stronger. The work that we’re doing has never been more important. And it’s consequential not just for India and for the United States. It’s consequential for the world.”

Stressing that the fight is not between India and US, he said that the fight is between extremist ideology and dictatorship, and both nations have right to defend democracy domestically and internationally. Calling India the most exciting place to be in the world, Garcetti said that it has been the honour to be here in India.

Garcetti said, “The big fight isn’t between each other and these small differences we sometimes have. The big fight is between extremist ideology, dictatorship. We have two democracies that, yes, we have to fight to defend domestically all the time and hopefully internationally the concept of democracy. But is there any country that you’d rather be in than India? For me, as an American, is there any other relationship you’d rather be engaged in? I would certainly not. This is the most exciting place to be in the world right now, the intersection of the United States and America. And I love Indians. I love India. And it’s been the honour of my life to be here.”

Earlier in August, Garcetti said US President Joe Biden told him that India is the most important country in the world to him.

US envoy Garcetti said, ” He (President Biden) told me, when he asked me to come here to serve, he said, this is the most important country in the world to me, I think something that no American president has ever uttered in the history of our two countries…Indian Americans constitute six per cent of taxpayers in the US…”

He stated, “From technology to trade, from the environment to women’s empowerment, from small businesses to space, we used to say the sky is the limit, but now that we’re working together in space, not even the sky is the limit. From the seabed to the heavens, the US and India are a force for good and a powerful force to move this world forward.”

Earlier in June, US President Joe Biden said that the friendship between the two nations is among the “most consequential in the world.”

In a post on X, Biden said, “The friendship between the United States and India is among the most consequential in the world. And it’s stronger, closer, and more dynamic than ever.”

Responding to Biden’s post on X, Prime Minister Modi said friendship between India and the US is a force for global good.

Taking to X, PM Modi stated, “I fully agree with you, @POTUS @JoeBiden! Friendship between our countries is a force of global good. It will make a planet better and more sustainable. The ground covered in my recent visit will strengthen our bond even more.”

PM Modi was on his maiden State visit to the US in June, 2023. During his US visit, the Prime Minister attended various events and met top Indian and American CEOs. He received a ceremonial welcome and guard of honour at the White House.

He was hosted by US President Joe Biden as well as First Lady Jill Biden for a state dinner at the White House, as well as a State Luncheon by the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and US Vice President Kamala Harris. PM Modi also interacted with the Indian diaspora at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC.

In September last year, US President Joe Biden visited New Delhi to attend G20 Leaders’

Summit. During his visit, Biden and PM Modi had a bilateral meeting.

The two leaders co-hosted a group of G20 leaders to accelerate investments in high-quality infrastructure projects and development of economic corridors through the India Middle East Europe Economic Connectivity Corridor and the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGI), according to the Ministry of External Affairs.

Notably, India and US enjoy a comprehensive global strategic partnership covering

almost all areas of human endeavor, driven by shared democratic values, convergence of

interests on a range of issues, and vibrant people-to-people contacts, according to MEA.

On January 30, Eric Garcetti said that the relationship between the two nations is multiplicative in nature. He said that when India and the US come together, the relationship becomes very important for the world.

“…What this US-India relationship is about and I’ve been telling people recently that this is not India plus the United States. It is not an addition, an additive relationship,” Garcetti said at an event here in Delhi.

He noted, “It’s multiplication, a multiplicative relationship that, when we come together, is more powerful than just the two elements for ourselves and just as important for our world.”The US envoy further went on to say that these ties were witnessed in the G20 Summit in September last year when India and the US came together as partners.”