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India’s private sector defense leader, Bharat Forge, showcased its latest advancements at the “Bharat Shakti” event on March 12th. The event, held at the PFFR Pokaran Ranges, provided a platform for Bharat Forge to demonstrate its commitment to India’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-reliant India) initiative in the defense sector.

Among the highlights was the unveiling of the Garuda-105 V2. This innovative weapon system features a 105mm gun mounted on a highly mobile 4×4 platform nicknamed the “Go Anywhere Vehicle.” This combination offers a unique capability – powerful firepower delivered with exceptional mobility. The Garuda-105 V2 is designed for rapid deployment and operation in diverse terrains, enhancing battlefield versatility.

Bharat Forge also showcased its 4×4 MGS, a 155mm/39 caliber gun system mounted on a 4×4 platform. This powerful system provides significant firepower for direct and indirect engagements. The 4×4 platform enhances maneuverability and survivability on the battlefield.