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Bharat Forge, a leading Indian manufacturer of auto components and now a player in the drone market, is setting its sights even higher. On the occasion of Chairman and Managing Director Baba Kalyani’s 75th birthday, the company announced ambitious plans to develop its own Short-Medium Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for the Indian military.

This move marks a significant step up from Bharat Forge’s recent entry into the drone market with the launch of the “Bharat 150” multi-payload drone. By venturing into the development of larger and more sophisticated UAVs, Bharat Forge aims to become a major player in India’s growing unmanned aerial vehicle sector.

To bolster its capabilities in this domain, Bharat Forge has already forged a strategic partnership with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., a leading US manufacturer of military UAVs. This collaboration will see Bharat Forge manufacture key components and subassemblies for General Atomics’ aircraft, providing valuable experience and technology transfer.

However, the exact path Bharat Forge will take in developing its own UAVs remains unclear. It’s not yet known whether the company will embark on completely independent development programs or seek further collaborations with international OEMs.

Bharat Forge’s plans for developing Short-Medium Altitude UAVs represent a bold and ambitious step towards strengthening India’s military capabilities and technological prowess. The company’s future path, whether independent development or strategic partnerships, will be closely watched as it shapes the future of Indian UAV technology.

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