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Bharat Forge, a leading player in the defence and manufacturing sectors, is set to venture into the development of torpedoes. To achieve this ambitious goal, the company is exploring collaboration with DASTAN Corp. from Kyrgyzstan. Their joint mission involves the co-development and to upgrade Soviet Union/Russian-era CET-65E and TEST71 torpedoes.

The partnership between Bharat Forge and DASTAN Corp. took shape in September 2019, driven by the shared objective of enhancing naval capabilities. Together, they embarked on a journey to conduct joint naval trials for new homing systems tailored for the CET65 and TEST71 torpedoes currently employed by the Indian Navy.

The project has seen significant progress, with the successful completion of Stage I. Now, the collaborators are poised to advance to Stage II, which entails conducting environmental naval field tests in the expansive waters of the Indian Ocean. The ultimate goal is to leverage the insights gained from these trials to upgrade all existing CET65 and TEST71 torpedoes currently in the Indian Navy’s inventory.

Building on their growing expertise in torpedo technology, Bharat Forge Ltd. has ambitious plans for the future. The company envisions actively contributing to the manufacturing of locally developed submarine-launched torpedoes. This endeavor aligns with India’s broader defence objectives and the Indian Navy’s efforts to bolster its underwater capabilities.

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