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Bharat Forge, the Indian defence giant, is aiming for continued success in the artillery field, confident that 2024 will see further export orders for its range of newly developed guns. This optimism stems from a thriving order book, where an impressive 80% of contracts come from international clients.

The company’s current success can be attributed to several factors. Its artillery guns, including the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS), boast state-of-the-art features and competitive pricing. Unlike many export market offerings, developed 2-3 decades ago, these guns showcase cutting-edge technology. Bharat Forge claims its offerings are not only cost-effective but also match or surpass the capabilities of established options.

This edge isn’t going unnoticed. Several countries have expressed keen interest in acquiring Bharat Forge’s artillery guns, fueling ongoing negotiations. While specific details remain confidential, these discussions hold immense potential for further export successes in the coming year.

The company’s ambitions extend beyond international sales. Bharat Forge aims to become a leading global artillery player, leveraging its expertise to manufacture and supply guns domestically as well. This push aligns with India’s ambitious “Make in India” initiative, aiming to bolster the country’s self-reliance in defence technology.

Building an artillery powerhouse isn’t without its challenges. Intense competition from established players and the complex nature of international deals require persistent efforts and strategic manoeuvring. However, Bharat Forge’s recent achievements demonstrate its determination and capabilities.

With a robust order book, ongoing negotiations, and a commitment to technological innovation, Bharat Forge is poised for a stellar year in the artillery space. Its success not only translates to financial gains but also strengthens India’s defence manufacturing prowess, making it a force to be reckoned with in the global defence market.

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